This is a site about the remodeling business.

While we all may have grand dreams about creating the home or business we want to be ours, the process can be complicated and daunting.

pickup truckCouple talkingThis is a site to put it all in perspective, a reality check for both the home owners and contractors.

            Houses can be like a model airplane, a kit purchased at the drug store with a set of directions and snapped together as easily as following steps one through ten.  Renovation of a home, in comparison, is a much more complicated and amorphous process, custom fit to the needs, taste and budget of the owners, but characterized also by the skills, personalities and preferences of the people hired to accomplish it.  Truly a work of art, a remodel reflects the energy of all involved.

            Because of the stress, complications and inconvenience, many homeowners accept what is or choose to move to what works, avoiding the potential disruption and mayhem that a remodel may produce.  Others, by inclination or necessity, undergo a renovation to create a home as close to their dreams as they can manage.

            No matter how beautifully conceived and well-planned a project might be, it inevitably changes for many reasons during the process.  Inclusion early on of the builder who ultimately constructs the dream out of the nails, paint and trim is well-advised. 

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