This is a site about the remodeling business.

While we all may have grand dreams about creating the home or business we want to be ours, the process can be complicated and daunting.

pickup truckCouple talkingThis is a site to put it all in perspective, a reality check for both the home owners and contractors.

            Houses can be like a model airplane, a kit purchased at the drug store with a set of directions and snapped together as easily as following steps one through ten.  Renovation of a home, in comparison, is a much more complicated and amorphous process, custom fit to the needs, taste and budget of the owners, but characterized also by the skills, personalities and preferences of the people hired to accomplish it.  Truly a work of art, a remodel reflects the energy of all involved.

            Because of the stress, complications and inconvenience, many homeowners accept what is or choose to move to what works, avoiding the potential disruption and mayhem that a remodel may produce.  Others, by inclination or necessity, undergo a renovation to create a home as close to their dreams as they can manage.

            No matter how beautifully conceived and well-planned a project might be, it inevitably changes for many reasons during the process.  Inclusion early on of the builder who ultimately constructs the dream out of the nails, paint and trim is well-advised. 

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  1. Chris Chase says:

    Interested in the spreadsheet that you have developed


    Chris Chase, through JLCOnline

  2. Just read your posts re: estimating spreadsheets and would like to learn more. I’ve been in business for myself for 4 years and still struggle with forming a consistent estimating plan. I’d appreciate any help I could get. Thanks.

  3. Zach Meschi says:

    Good Morning Kip,
    I came across a thread in a JLC forum regarding Residential Remodeling Estimating Software. I agree that most remodeling projects are so project specific that customizing an excel worksheet over time, tailored to your line of projects is the most accurate way of pricing these projects. I have a worksheet that I have developed, but would really enjoy seeing what you developed during your time in the industry. I would greatly appreciate it you would pass it along to my email above – zmeschi@gmail.com.

    Thanks for your input and for being willing to help out your fellow remodeling contractor.


    Zach Meschi

  4. Hi Kip,

    I was impressed by the comments you did on JCL forums about estimating, Thank you for that attitude of sharing we all should be like that. I owned a design and Build Co. in metro DC area and I know how hard is to keep an up to date estimating process its painful . right now we are in the process of choosing a new estimating process. could you send the spreadsheet you have I love to look up it.

    thank you in advance

    Jorge Castellanos

  5. Peter Sawyer says:

    Not sure if my previous request went through, but I am interested in your remodeling estimating spreadsheet.

    Peter Sawyer

  6. Ezra says:

    G’day there…have jusy been reading the forum about estimating and have been directed here. Im new to going out on my own and have been trying to read as much as I can…we can all build but this side of it is a whole new ball game. Would really appreciate having a look at this spreadsheet of yours when you have time.
    Many thanks from new zealand..

  7. Jeff Lewis says:

    Been reading about your estimating program and would love to get a copy. I have been remodeling homes for 20 + years and have yet to find a good system.

  8. Derek Williams says:

    After years of working in the remodeling industry, I’ve recently started a home repair business and have had some hits and misses on my estimating. It seems for the smaller projects I can do by hand reasonably enough, but larger projects are becoming increasingly difficult for my to do by hand. And I’ve lost a few to estimate turn around time as well. The estimating software I’ve been reading about online is just too expensive for my small business. Would love any help I could get. Would love to see your spreadsheet and process. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!-williams.home.repair@live.com

  9. Tad Breaux says:

    Found your offer in JLC which dates back a few years. I was glad to see the offer to help with your spread sheet was still available. Can you forward it to me as well?


  10. Rick Skalos says:

    Would love to view the spreadsheet. I have only been in business a year and struggle with this process.

    I am very interested in the spreadsheet.

    Thank you

  11. Sean Harris says:

    Hi Kip,
    I read the residential remodeling thread on JLC. I am keenly interested in your estimating system as an aide to allow more opportunity to share my knowledge.
    Thank you,

  12. Clay Greaves says:

    I was interested in your estimating spreadsheet. If you could forward to the above address it would be greatly appreciated.


  13. I am interested in the excel template that you talked about on JLC. I have been looking at software for estimating. I am using excel spreadsheets now, but my knowledge of setting up templates within excel is not great. I am very interested in seeing how your template works. I have been reading a number of forums and many seem to agree that rather than investing in more software the better option is to invest time in making excel work for my needs.

  14. Pat Muller says:

    We too have developed an excel spreadsheet over the last 20 years but it is rather basic and only calculates totals & mark-up. A great portion of our business is custom projects and we have appreciated the flexibility in not having a complicated spreadsheet. I’m aware that excel is capable of so much more but I’d be interested in seeing to what level you took yours. We are now in the market for something to make things more streamlined. Thanks for any response.

  15. William Thomas says:

    Ran across your website while reading the JLC forum. I’ve been a contractor for 25+ years, but am now going into sales and estimating, full time. I’m interested in your Excel project as well as the advisory aspect you alluded to. Going to be working with more employees than I have been used to in the past, and I need to keep them busy with sales and less so with “sharpening my pencil over graph paper”

  16. Gordon says:

    Love to check out your Excel sheets!

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