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Keep working while you let my fingers do the talking

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Regularly reach out to previous, current and prospective clients with an informative, friendly and educational newsletter that keeps your name and website returning to their devices.

Dazzle them with your new work.  Excite them with ideas. Teach them about basic maintenance or DYI projects.

Provide the opportunity for clients to brag about their new addition by forwarding your pictures of their renovated home to their family, friends and neighbors.


Inbound Marketing
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With the Yellow Pages and other conventional marketing strategies suffocating under the new technologies, embrace the changes by reaching out to draw them in.


Sample Newsletter
Workshop Update 15-1-21

Monthly Newsletter

$250.00 each

6 Month Newsletter Service


3 payments

Annual Monthly Newsletter Service


3 payments

fire heartThese are starting rates for a standardized template and articles. More customized versions are available by negotiation. As always, this offer includes a 30 day full money back guarantee.