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When there is so much to do just to keep the nails and plywood going together, the sheetrock hung, taped and painted, and cabinets installed, not to mention the next contract signed and payroll paid, you don’t have to step outside your comfort zone and learn how to build a website as well.  For as little as $99, a custom website can be created to take a solid stand on the internet and announce your presence.

From simple to full custom sites can be constructed using your own pictures and information. In a few easy steps, you can declare yourself a legitimate business and advertise your skills and portfolio.

Fully customized sites are available with packages that include original content and social media marketing to fully place yourself at the center of your community to be the builder or remodeling expert of choice. Once established, from the comfort of your couch, you can be taught how to update and maintain your site with new projects and pictures.

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