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Winter Wonderland Newsletter 2014


In the Northeast, it has been well below zero and many projects are put on hold waiting for a thaw.

This provides a great opportunity for planning, self-evaluation and exploration.  Put the time to good use and enjoy the warmth of family and friends.
In celebration of the cold, check out the entire newsletter for bonus gifts of warmth
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Monthly Newsletter

Regularly reach out to previous, current and prospective clients with an informative, friendly and educational newsletter like this that keeps your name and website returning to their devices.

Dazzle them with your new work.  Excite them with ideas. Teach them about basic maintenance or DYI projects
Provide the opportunity for clients to brag about their new addition by forwarding your pictures to their friends and families.

With the Yellow Pages and conventional marketing suffocating under the new technologies, embrace the changes by reaching out to draw them in. 

Keep working while you let my fingers do the talking

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Free Webpage Consultation
For the month of January, I'm offering a 20 minute phone call or Skype conversation about your website.  

A fresh look at your most valuable marketing tool can make a huge difference.  Sometimes just a color or font change, a point emboldened or removed will set things off in better ways.

No matter how many times you've looked at it, there still may be some glaring grammatical or spelling errors that will send a potential client off to another site.

Let's take a look and get to know each other a little better!

Call or email for an appointment

Back to Basics

My time back in the field is continuing to refresh my capacity to understand and improve my little corner of the remodeling and construction business.  Problems that are unique to the industry are better identified and avoided when we are working together.

There is no shortage of work this time of year for those who are willing to keep their heads down and minds focused.  Inside or out, the winter is full of opportunities to move forward.

I know there are ways we can help each other out.

My website at has been completely redesigned and offers some webinars to download for your business. More webinars and essays will become available as the winter continues.  

Please feel free to suggest topics you would like to learn more about.


Make sure to take advantage of my offer for a FREE phone or skype consultation to see if there is a way to help you manage your business.

New Estimating Spreadsheet!

This year, I have been working on a new spreadsheet that works better for smaller, more customized jobs.  Easily adaptable to your area and niche of work, it focuses on a material list with prices and adds labor in by the hour or the day, according to your best guess.

Out of everyone who clicks through to the website, I will draw at random several people who can receive the FREE protoype  and try it out.


I'm very interested to know how it works for you.  Your feedback on the spreadsheet itself is valuable, but it's also great to have dialogue between us on any subject around the construction business.  It's important to maintain sources of expertise to help you focus when times are tough.

Click here, email me at or even call (802-324-3767) to make an appointment.

To Retirement and Beyond

A discouraged contractor—frustrated at being unable to find good help–recently said to me he was ready to give up and sell his remodeling business.  From a more objective perspective, however, I had to help him understand that–bigger than finding help–was the more serious problem that he had no business to sell.

Except for a truck, a garage full of tools and at best a month to a year of contracts, most construction companies are worthless without the person who stands behind them each and every day.

Find out how you can create value for your business in this article at my website

Frozen Follies
The cold can numb us to many things.  Perhaps the year of hard work has been full of surprises and improvisations that make us want to hibernate and hope the coming Spring will make all problems vanish.

Instead, we should take the time to understand what went right as well as wrong and explore how to apply those successes to the areas that need improvement.  In many ways, for the business owner, this is the most important time of the year.  

With sleeves rolled up and commitments refreshed, you can head into the New Year aggressively to make it the best one yet.

I'm here to help.

(802) 324-3767

Sign up before January 30th and receive a 50% discount on any mentoring package 


Excel Estimating Spreadsheet

I've had a lot of time to work with my spreadsheet this year and have been constantly refining the data and formulas.  Having shared it with so many of you, I keep in mind what it might be like to work with it for the first time and am constantly trying to make it more friendly and adaptable.  

With every phone call to help some one, I have gotten better at guiding the user to customize the spreadsheet for their own use.

You can access the latest version by clicking here and typing in the password "gift".

With this download, I still offer a FREE phone or skype consultation to help you adapt the spreadsheet to your own requirements and make it a valuable tool for your business.


Building From the Heart

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